BalletBarre by Carrie™

especially created for dancers with curvy bodies

About Carrie

BalletBarre by Carrie™

BalletBarre by Carrie™

Hello! My name is Carrie Glenn, founder of BalletBarre by Carrie™ especially created for dancers with curvy bodies…or otherwise awkward dancers who feel embarrassed to attend traditional ballet or other dance class.

Unlike other ballet barre classes which often include yoga and pilates, BalletBarre by Carrie™ is a traditional barre class, much like the one you would experience in beginning ballet.

BalletBarre by Carrie™ is body-kind to preserve joints and soft tissue. My training is gentle yet challenging, and nurturing; perfect for dancers and even non-dancers.

BalletBarre by Carrie™ is great for you if you desire to

• feel fit
• develop your technique
• have fun and feel good about yourself

BalletBarre by Carrie™ is not for you if your main goals include

• only trying to loose weight rather than focusing on increasing your fitness level
• disparaging others for their shape, size, or skill
• comparing yourself with others in class, hoping to be the best

It all began when a friend asked me to give him private dance lessons. It had been a little while since I taught dance. Unrelenting family circumstances had captivated my attentions over the last couple of years. So, I jumped right back in the saddle. Now, I get so excited before each class, it’s crazy! And another friend has asked me if I know of a studio that teaches Barre class.

Nope, I take ballet and we have barre at the beginning of class.

I asked her if she took Barre class and she said no. Her hesitation is her hectic schedule and also the fear that she would be “the BIG GIRL in class.”

Thus, BalletBarre by Carrie™ was born. I am so excited to have local and online classes starting in April.
Come to a class or check out my online suite so that I may serve you!


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Swiss Family Robinson, Forest Theater Guild at the Outdoor Forest Theater
Oklahoma, Pacific Grove (assistant)
The Wizard of Oz, Monterey
Veracity, Monterey
Anglesong, Monterey

Other Choreography:
Free Myself, Monterey
What If The Race Is Over, Monterey
The Very First Dance, Monterey

Associates Degree, Dance (pending): I am a dance major at Monterey Peninsula College, with an emphasis in Modern and Ballet. I have completed all the dance requirements for the degree and simply need two non-related courses for completion.

Monterey Peninsula College, Monterey, CA 2007-Present
Ballet Instructors: Deanna Ross, Pam Keindl, Carol Benton-Richmond
Modern Instructors: Deanna Ross and Jacqueline Boomer-Adams
Modern Workshop, Lauren Grant of the Mark Morris Dance Group
Jazz Instructors: Kristine Tarozzi, Debbie White, Jacqueline Boomer-Adams
Social Dance Instructors: Leo Sidorenko and Olga Agafonova
Choreography/Improv Instructors: Deanna Ross, Maggie McGovern, Tandy Beal

Free Myself, Monterey, Choreographer: Carrie Glenn
Can’t Talk Now, Santa Cruz, Choreographer: Deanna Ross
Can’t Talk Now, Monterey, Choreographer: Deanna Ross
What If The Race Is Over, Monterey, Choreographer: Carrie Glenn
Jimmy, Monterey, Choreographer: Jacqueline Boomer-Adams
The Very First Dance, Monterey, Choreographer, Carrie Glenn
Paint The Rainbow With Your Fingertips, Monterey, Choreographer: Jessica Glenn
Shut Up and Sing, Monterey, Choreographer: Maggie McGovern

Floor-Barre®, Zena Rommit
Choreographer, Acting Coach, Performer, and co-producer of Rated “G” Productions, a children’s theatre company
Co-producer of Monarch Theatre
Extra-work credits include Gilmore Girls, West Wing, War of the Worlds, The Unit, and more.


“I do not choose to dance but rather dance chooses me and I simply heed her wild and earnest beckoning” -Carrie Glenn