BalletBarre by Carrie™

especially created for dancers with curvy bodies

Hey Sugar, Sugar by Carrie Glenn

Have you seen “Fed Up” the documentary? I can’t tell you how many things contain added sugar. Bread. Spices. Bacon. (Bacon? Really?) It’s crazy! And there are 56 different names for sugar the food labels use to trick us into not knowing what we are eating. Even crazier! I took the ten day challenge to avoid all added sugar and…

First Ballet Class

Faces fresh and eager, the women stand with their hands on their barres. “Has anyone taken ballet before” Surprise that none has. Relief. Now the fat dancer won’t seem like a total poser. I’m not supposed to feel that way. I know. I immediately remind myself the many hours of ballet I have studied and the work I’ve put into…

Do you love your body?

How would you grade your love affair with your body? To illustrate this question, let me give to you a parable (perfect with Passover and Easter on the minds of many). There was a group of people who hated their bodies. They hated the curves and the heaviness. They hated the way they felt when they tried to move faster…

Fat Dancer

    Fat dancer. That is what I am. Seriously, it is so tedious and overwhelming. The weight, the embarrassment, even the shame. When I tell people I study ballet, there’s a moment where, in disbelief, their eyes flicker. However, the veracity of my statement overturns their doubt and their eyes flash with admiration as they ask how long I’ve…


BalletBarre by Carrie™

BalletBarre by Carrie™

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