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Do you love your body?

How would you grade your love affair with your body?

Love my body

To illustrate this question, let me give to you a parable (perfect with Passover and Easter on the minds of many).
There was a group of people who hated their bodies. They hated the curves and the heaviness. They hated the way they felt when they tried to move faster or try to reach behind them in their cars. They tried every single diet and weight loss regime on the planet to change their plight. Some were successful and others were not.


Then there was a group who loved every single inch of their curves. They were proud of them and flaunted them. Many even went so far as to join efforts with others to facilitate change in the social awareness, stereotyped opinions of others, and even the health status of obesity. They fight endlessly for their cause.


There was also a group who pretended to love their bodies, curves and all, but really, they hated it all: the fat, the low energy, the comments and ridicule. These were the saddest group because they never really got in touch with how they truly felt and therefore, they never really could identify solutions or acceptance. Most of these people remained in a perpetual state of denial and even those who were successful at managing their weight (for any length of time) still never felt satisfied or happy with their bodies.
Ah. And of course there was the group of people who loved their bodies and made an absolute point to incorporate fitness into their lives. This ensured that their bodies would maintain the look and feel and health levels to which they were accustomed. (Lucky blokes!) Other groups tended to look upon them with admiration or jealousy or disdain.


The last group consisted of people who loved their bodies and made peace with their curves as the result of ongoing effort. They also worked to facilitate change and to add fitness. They always held the hope for better health. Some were able to find the missing ingredient to their mindset and tackle their physique. For others, it seemed an endless cycle, but they never stopped trying.


Each group shared a common thread. They all maintained a love affair with their bodies, some healthy and productive, while others tumultuous and harmful. And in turn, their bodies maintained a love affair with them, some healthy and productive, while others tumultuous and harmful. In which group do you fall?


I’d have to say I am in that last category. I have learned to love my body. I love my curves and everything that makes me soft and feminine. However, I constantly seek improvement. It only makes sense to me. Who wouldn’t want more fitness? Who wouldn’t want more health? Who wouldn’t want to feel more energized, strengthened and flexible? And oh, how these physical attributes translate into our own lives! When we command our physical bodies, we enjoy such a feeling of achievement!


Putting my mind and attention on BalletBarre by Carrie™ has re-sparked and refueled my urge to fulfill these desires. Greens look yummier. Sweating feels awesome. Visions of Rocky running up stairs leap through my brain at any given time throughout my days. It’s great because as we begin on our journey, the power of multiplication comes into play. Our bodies and minds quickly jump on board with our efforts and we begin to shift from apathy to seeking health consciousness with amazing swiftness. For me it feels like a reawakening.


Injury, discouragement, and grief have kept me from engaging fully in dance over the last few of years. And I felt it. I lived constantly exhausted, and carrying the extra weight of disappointment and stress along with the fat. And now it is as if a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Funny how much lighter I already feel.


To clarify, it’s not about size. It’s about fitness and that is where rhetoric comes into play and arguments ensue. For most of us (yes, there are exceptions!) the more fit and healthy a lifestyle we lead, the more we enjoy smaller sizes. It’s physics. That said, sometimes larger bodies exhibit great fitness and certainly smaller bodies do not necessarily indicate health. Therefore, size will never be a topic or goal for me.


I want to leap with greater height. I want my partner to be able to lift and hold me in the air without straining. I want my muscles to feel (and look) toned and strong and flexible. So my work is to train and to dance. My rewards are many. And my body thanks me. Our love affair is mutual and this is the secret to success.


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  1. admin
    April 24, 2014 at 10:37 pm

    Vicki, wow! I truly appreciate your kind words and am thrilled to have been a bright spot in your day! Thank you.

  2. April 22, 2014 at 3:01 pm

    You’ve done it again – you had me hooked from the very beginning of this post!
    I absolutely LOVE your message, and your spirit.
    Thank you for sharing,

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