BalletBarre by Carrie™

especially created for dancers with curvy bodies

First Ballet Class

Faces fresh and eager, the women stand with their hands on their barres.

“Has anyone taken ballet before” Surprise that none has. Relief. Now the fat dancer won’t seem like a total poser. I’m not supposed to feel that way. I know. I immediately remind myself the many hours of ballet I have studied and the work I’ve put into creating the balletbarre class.

It’s time to start. My heart pounding.

Thoughts clambering in my head, Don’t let them smell the fear. You got this…

And I do! I know my stuff. I feel my muscles awakening as I begin to explain and demonstrate a few key points:

  • Use muscles in your rear to activate turnout
  • Don’t “tuck in your stomach” rather draw your pelvis upward as if you are trying to zip up a too-tight pair of jeans
  • And a third point which seems to escape my memory at this moment.

Still fresh and eager.

I demonstrate the pliés and off we go. I cannot help but feel the music rippling through me as my hand marks across from 1st position to 2nd and so forth. I am dancing and teaching and these fairy nymphs are staring, following, learning. They move their bodies in ways that are foreign to them and they are really beautiful. Tendus and Rond de jambes, Adagio and Grand Battements. A couple of circular Port de Bras and one last Relevé!

I am so proud of them as they courageously step into this world unknown and stretch their minds to accept new ways to move and relate to their bodies.

“This was a great class!”

“I loved it.”

“Do you have brochures?”

“All I ever do is run. It was great to do something different.”

I, content. My work, valuable and necessary. My heart, full.