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Hey Sugar, Sugar by Carrie Glenn

Have you seen “Fed Up” the documentary? I can’t tell you how many things contain added sugar. Bread. Spices. Bacon. (Bacon? Really?) It’s crazy!
And there are 56 different names for sugar the food labels use to trick us into not knowing what we are eating. Even crazier!
I took the ten day challenge to avoid all added sugar and it has changed my life.
I didn’t loose 20 lbs. Nor did I drop three sizes or marry a rich prince from a remote island. My reward was much more subtle and so much better than I could have imagined.

True story: for the past several years, I have woken up exhausted. Not the kind of tired from staying up too late or overexertion. The best way to describe it is like waking up in a fog. A thick, rolling, fog that slips into your eyes and nose and chokes out of you all energy and thought and life.
Seriously, it had become the norm and I accepted it as merely a symptom of being overweight or in my forties or stressed or…I don’t know. It was really the most horrible way to start every single day of my life.
Day three of the 10 Day Challenge I woke up clear! And every single day since then I have woken up clear. Well, everyday except one morning, several days after after the challenge when I indulged in way too much sugar the day before.
See, the recommend daily grams of added sugar are as follows:
Women: 24 g
Men 37.5 g
Kids up to 4: 16.7 g
Kids ages 4-8: 12.5 g
Pre-teens and teenagers: 21-33 g
Since I completed the 10 day challenge, I have stayed mostly within my range, except for that one day of indulged sugar debauchery and resulting next-morning sludge.
That’s when I knew for sure that sugar was the culprit that made each morning a living hell of a nightmare out of which I could barely claw myself.
Now I live a life with very little added sugar. I wake each day refreshed and ready to face the day. When I’m tired from pulling an all-nighter, it’s a normal kind of tired. The fog has lifted.

I research new recipes and even recently made my own mayonnaise.

This is the greatest food journey I’ve ever experienced. It’s nothing like the endless cycle of fad diets and failed exercise attempts. It is filled with infinite opportunities for success and little chance for failure. Why?
Because the only rule is this:
Monitor all sugar intake. Which means…
1. Avoid sugar alternatives and simple carbohydrates.
2. Stick within my recommended daily allowance of added sugars.
3. If I go above my allowance, the next day I must be strict and if I’ve gone too much above, 0 added sugars the next day.
Now, with just a few simple changes, I have more energy, more clarity, more brain power. Join the challenge and see what changes you enjoy!
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    August 27, 2014 at 5:45 pm

    Thank you, bodybuilder.

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    Appreciating the time and energy you put into your website and in depth
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